Subline – For a freelance graphic designer, co-working spaces provide the perfect work environment, business opportunities and a community of synergistic networks to collaborate with.

If you’re tired of working long hours and weekends as a graphic designer at a corporate office and want to transition to freelancing, you’re not alone. According to IBIS World’s 2019 report, approximately 90% of graphic designers in the United States are freelancers. The same report revealed that in 2019, the graphic design industry has grown by 2.7% to reach a value of $14.8 billion. Clearly, for those looking to building a career as a freelance graphic designer, this is the best time.

Advantages of the freelance lifestyle

In today’s global economy, the umpteen benefits of being staring a graphic designing business as a freelancer are:

#1. Work-life balance

The gig economy, wherein people have flexible work contracts with one or more firms is growing with every passing day. 84% of millennials and Gen Z’ers consider freelance work is more appealing than full-time jobs, found a 2019 Deloitte Global Millennial Survey.

This workforce prioritizes a fulfilling lifestyle over job security. They prefer working flexibly and aim to balance it with personal commitments. Simultaneously, companies prefer to recruit freelancers to employ cream talent across the globe, while avoiding overhead costs of real estate.

#2. Flexible hours
As a freelancer, you have the liberty to set your schedule and choose your working hours. Compared to a 9-to-5 schedule, you can opt to work at the time when your productivity is at the highest. This is ideal if you have family commitments to fulfil or wish to devote more time to pursuing a passion, hobby or social activities. According to Upwork, 72% of all freelancers say that freelancing allows them to lead the lifestyle of their choice.

#3. Greater earning potential

Unlike a job with a fixed salary, as an independent graphic designer, you can choose projects based on the compensation offered. You can also negotiate for better rates unlike in an office setting where you are paid a fixed salary regardless of the work you put in. By working according to your schedule, you can use your time productively by take on more projects. This supercharges your earning potential.

#4. Freedom to choose clients

Full-time designers have to work on whatever projects the company takes up. As a contractor, you can choose the clients you are most comfortable working with. Location is not a boundary for you anymore, since you work remotely.

Challenges of the freelance lifestyle

Freelancing has an equal share of pros and cons. Before branching out on your own as a graphic designer, it’s important to keep these potential challenges in mind.

#1. Work distractions

Working out of the bedroom or a café might sound convenient initially. The distractions are numerous, including family commitments, household errands and background noise that impact productivity.

#2. Difficulty in hunting for new clients

Every freelancer knows that hectic work periods come hand in hand with slack periods with hardly any projects on hand. Even if you have an existing network of contacts, it can be difficult to find references for new clients or network with people who could provide you with opportunities.

#3. Lack of easy access to office facilities

Café and homes don’t always have office facilities like printers, scanners or fax machines. You thus end up devoting extra time to visiting print shops to get your designs on paper. Moreover, regular visits to coffee shops can be expensive, especially if you are accustomed to working there all day.

#4. Loneliness

Because of working on their own as solopreneurs, regular social interactions can become limited for freelancers. This often leads to loneliness, particularly during leisure hours or slack work periods, thereby increasing the risk of developing anxiety and depression, which could affect your physical and emotional wellbeing.

How can a co-working space jumpstart your graphic design business?

In India alone, a JLL survey predicts that 13 million people will be working out of coworking spaces by 2020. Co-working spaces are rapidly gaining favour in Indian and around the world as the office of the future. For a freelance graphic designer with plans of possibly running your design firm someday, co-working spaces are all-in-one solution to enhance your productivity and revenues. Here’s why you should opt for your co-working space membership today.

#1. Cost-effective

Hiring your office space in a commercial building can rack up significant costs. You will end up paying a deposit (a minimum of 6 to 12 months) along with commercial rent and then spend a handful amount to furnish the space with the right equipment. Co-working spaces, are a fully furnished and equipped workspace where access to all amenities is included in the monthly membership fee you pay. You thus enjoy all the benefits of regular office space at a fraction of the cost.

#2. Flexible use

Although you’re a freelancer today, you may be planning to add more team members and start a company eventually. You can choose the number of seats you require every month, that can be scaled or down-sized in a co-working space. The membership can be stopped whenever required.

#3. Fully equipped workspace

A co-working space features all the facilities you need for a productive working environment, including printing and scanning machines, internet access, standing desks, meeting rooms, tea and coffee facilities and parking slots.

#4. A community of like-minded people

Unlike typical office spaces occupied by a single company, co-working spaces play host to professionals from all walks of life. This provides an excellent opportunity for designers to mingle with freelancers, corporates, enterprises, SME’s and start-ups to collaborate on projects and connect with new clients. Additionally, co-working spaces provide a congenial space to meet like-minded, thereby mitigating the isolation that freelancers suffer from.

At Kontor Spaces, we provide flexible solutions for freelance designers, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and corporate professionals who seek a productive and convenient work environment. To know more about what we offer in terms of cost-effective office spaces, get in touch with us today.

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