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While private offices would require a large amount of payment upfront and constant maintenance costs, it would take restrict the company’s growth. However, in shared spaces, you do not have to pay large sums, and you can easily upsize and downsize as per your requirements and budget in the long run – making it easy for you to focus what you are really there in your company for.

Privacy is another major concern for most companies at various stages. Human resources, legal, accounts payable are just some examples of where privacy and confidentiality are central to their roles. While private spaces definitely ensure privacy for your company, shared workspaces do not completely take it away. Most shared workspaces give you access to private office facilities such as meeting rooms and event space so you can discuss private matters undisturbed.

Private offices are sure to make employees more focused. However, that sometimes makes them unengaged. Shared offices are skill fully designed to provide work zones where employees can focus and occasionally collaborate as well – leading to more learning and better performance.An advantage of private spaces is that they offer complete control over your office. Be it setting up the office, deciding what should be there or who should be there – everything is as per what you would need. Setting up the vibe and the culture is completely up to the manager. However, shared offices spend considerable time and energy to provide you with the best culture, and make it look like a place you would immediately fit into.


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