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At Kontor Space, we have developed a new tool that allows you to capture the reviews from your users and publish them online. Our system will automatically send out reminders to users booking through Sneed to provider their feedback. However, the application allows even other users to share their experience on the platform. We hope that the feedback will provide clarity to potential customers and will also allow the space partners and us at Sneed to improve our services.

coworking is the best concept for the ready offices. Co-workers with an ecological awareness coworking sought Founders of coworking centres also wished to guarantee the autonomy of their structures by depending exclusively on the revenues they get from the members of their community (and thus not relying on outside financing.

It is one of the most important added values of coworking in comparison to tradition working environments. Coworkers are equals and the importance of their tasks does not interfere with their relations. The value of aperture in coworking expresses itself under three different forms. Firstly, a capacity of intellectual open-mindedness in regards to the other members of the group, which enables everyone to be a part of the community.


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